The City of Laredo Health Departmentís HIV/AIDS Program is the lead agency in South Texas responsible for coordinating all HIV/AIDS related public health responses in Webb, Starr, Jim Hogg and Zapata Counties. 

2600 Cedar Ave.  /  Laredo, Texas  /  78041  /  956.795.4905


The HIV/AIDS program provides the following services:


Telephone Hotline for HIV and STD information and referral to services 956-795-4905.

PBC HIV Counseling & Testing with hepatitis C and Syphilis services, integrated with the Disease Intervention Control Program.  We offer three different types of tests for HIV.

Evidence Based Interventions include individual and community level sessions that target HIV positive people, injecting drug users, Men who have sex with Men and high risk heterosexuals.

Early Intervention Services to help persons with HIV/AIDS with their primary health care and psycho-social support services costs.

Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS

Monthly HIV/AIDS Client Meetings.

HIV Care Services to bring back HIV/AIDS clients out of care back into care.

Program Material Panel Review to approve appropriate literature for HIV/STD dissemination.

HIV/AIDS Binational Coalition to strengthen our HIV efforts between Texas and Mexico










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