Health Promotion and Wellness

Employer Outreach

Healthy Living/ Viviendo Mejor

Heart and Stroke Healthy City Recognition Program


The City of Laredo's Buena Vida (early Detection and Wellness) services has a long history of providing wellness and early detection services in Laredo and Webb County. The Buena Vida (BV) services prevent and/or reduce chronic diseases through early identification, education, counseling and referral of patients requiring advanced care. This allows for a healthier community and a healthier workforce.

Outreach Services

At this time we are available for outreach services to employers who want to assure prevention and a healthier workforce. Costs are $41.33 for women and $46.33 for men over the age of 40 if they request the additional prostate screening blood test. Lab results are delivered to company employees within a week at their work site and counseled on their individual results. Educational materials are provided and referrals are made should it be required.

BV strives to prevent and detect diseases early and by combining our efforts to promote wellness, your family together with the City of Laredo Health Department can make Laredo Healthier "one person at a time."

Open Monday-Friday from 7 am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm.

For more information about BV and its outreach services call (956) 795-4918

Healthy Living/ Viviendo Mejor

Through HL/VM, family members and persons with diabetes as well professionals in our community will be able to participate in FREE education classes on diabetes self management, cooking, fitness and exercise and peer educational activities.

These FREE interactive classes are offered to persons with diabetes, their family members and anyone who wants to improve their health to focus on:

  • Awareness and knowledge of the seriousness of diabetes, its risk factors, and effective strategies for preventing complications associated with diabetes and preventing type 2 diabetes
  • Help persons understand to manage their diabetes to live healthier
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes by the community and family members of persons with diabetes
  • Decrease the number of Laredoans with undiagnosed diabetes

To enroll in this program or for more information, please call (956) 795-4918.

Heart and Stroke Healthy City Recognition Program

  • The City of Laredo, along with other Texas cities, will be included in the 2010 assessment process for the Heart and Stroke Healthy City Recognition Program from January to August of 2010. This program is administered by the Texas Council on Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke (CVD Council) to recognize cities in Texas for their achievements in creating healthy communities.
  • This state-wide program recognizes Texas cities for having in place a set of ten evidence-based, community indicators that are known to be important in reducing the burden of heart disease and stroke, which are the number one and number three killers of men and women in Texas and the United States.
  • This year the City of Laredo Health Department will form a team of local stakeholders to participate in the city assessment process. Input from the local stakeholders is critical in order for Laredo to receive the gold standard and be recognized.