Prenatal Care, Well-Child, and Family Planning Title X



Preinatal Care, Well-Child, and Family Planning Clinic: Perinatal care is provided to low income pregnant women. Eligibility requires residency in Webb County. Services include pregnancy tests, health histories, physical examinations, laboratory tests, nursing assessments, health education, case management, and consultations by physicians and mid-level providers for medically high risk pregnancies.

The Well-Child Clinic provides assessments and developmental screenings for any eligible child from birth to the age of 21. These services include immunizations, laboratory screenings, vision and hearing screenings, nutrition, safety and parent education regarding the important milestones to watch for in the child's development stages.

The Family Planning Clinic provides quality medical/health services to residents of reproductive age while assisting in planning pregnancies. Services include pregnancy tests, health histories, physical examinations, laboratory tests, blood pressure and weight screenings, health education, family planning counseling, contraceptive supplies, referrals and case management.

Maternal & Child Health Clinic Requirements


Webb County Resident (not necessarily a citizen)

ID Required

Proof of Residency

Proof of Income


Medicaid Eligible - Title V Eligible Private Insurance Private Pay - C.H.I.P. Perinate


Meet all eligibility requirements to qualify for Medicaid or Title V or C.H.I.P. Perinate.

Presumptive Eligibility for Medicaid Eligible Pregnant Women done on-site.



Maternity:                   Above requirements

                                     Proof of Pregnancy (Test)

                                     Up to 30 weeks pregnant when seen by the Doctor.


Family Planning:      Above requirements

                                      Up to the age of 45.


Child:                           Above requirements

                                      Well Child ages 0-21 


Eligibility Requirements for Title V.


                                    1.) a child age 0 through 21, a female seeking

                                         assistance with maternity & family planning needs 
                                    2.) a family income less than 185% of the most recent
                                         Federal Poverty Income Level (FPIL)
                                    3.) a Texas resident (not necessarily a citizen)
                                    4.) otherwise uninsured for the same service provided
                                    5.) not eligible for Medicaid or CHIP
                                    6.) Provide I.D., proof of residency and proof of income
For more information please call 956-795-4910