Tuberculosis Program


Tuberculosis Elimination Program:  The purpose of the program is to treat all cases reported and investigate their contacts.  These services include screening, diagnosis, case management, preventive and therapeutic treatment.  The TB Elimination Program averages about 900 patients per month.  This program includes other separate projects such as:


*     TB Jail Outreach Project:  This project will administer directly observed therapy (DOT) for tuberculosis infection or disease to inmates  in correctional     facilities in the service area;  and to inmates upon discharge  into the  community until therapy  is completed.  The TB Jail Outreach Project follows up on contacts and coordinates come with other components or services agencies as necessary (i.e. Border Patrol, Federal marshals, ICE,  etc.)


*     TB Elimination Special Populations Project:  This project will target high risk persons who are non-compliant with tuberculosis treatment; the outreach worker will locate and return delinquent clients to medical care.  Target populations include migrants, HIV/AIDS Program clients, released inmates, colonia or outlying area residents.


*     Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) Program:  The program coordinates all city and county residents afflicted with the disease for treatment and/or patient management. 


*     "Los Dos Laredos" Binational Tuberculosis Elimination Project:  Through a cooperative agreement with Mexico's Secretaria de Salud, this project is located at the Centro de Salud in Nuevo Laredo.  This project works with all of Nuevo Laredo's health care providers to provide services to TB cases and their contacts who cross the border.


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