GIS Division


GENERAL MAPS - This page provides maps that identify all City of Laredo offices, schools, and other public places. This page also includes maps of : postal zip codes, city limits, extra territorial jurisdiction, and points of interest.

PARKS SYSTEM MAPS - Provides information on recreational facilities,  including existing parks, trails, and proposed park locations.  

TRANSPORTATION MAPS - Provides information relevant to transportation: Truck Route Map, Transportation Comprehensive Plan (Long Range Thoroughfare Plan).   

POLITICAL INFORMATION MAPS- Provides  Council District boundaries, and important election information including polling sites, districts and precincts.

FLOOD HAZARD - Provides location and information of FEMA floodzones.

LAND DEVELOPMENT - Provides information on the GREENSPACE ordinance for land development.

LAND USE- Provides information on existing land use and future land use including proposed master plans.

GIS DOWNLOADS - Provides data sets in .shp and .kml formats for various GIS viewers and software.

CENSUS MAPS- Provides information derived from the U.S. Census Bureau - TIGER 2000 data.

LINKS- Important links for city and county mapping, as well as other entities.

CONTACTS - Contact information for GIS Division staff members.


City of Laredo Maps and information Available:

Our division maintains and produces city-wide GIS Data. Geographic Information Systems, or GIS, is a digital representation of data linked to a location. This is created and maintained using mapping software, aerial photography, and GPS.

Our division has GIS data relating to:

  1. Bullet Utilities

  2. Bullet Planning

  3. Bullet Zoning

  4. Bullet Land Development

  5. Bullet Parks

  6. Bullet Environmental

  7. Bullet Transportation

  8. Bullet Property Information

  9. Bullet Topographical Data

  10. Bullet Aerial Photography

  11. Bullet and more....