(956) 795-2550

Hours: 8am-5pm CST Mon-Fri


Mission Statement:  To provide for safe and efficient movement of traffic on all City streets, adequately illuminate intersections and major roadways; enforce parking regulations in the Central Business District.


Robert Alexander Eads, MBA

Traffic Department Director

5512 Thomas

Laredo, TX 78041

Phone: (956) 795-2550

Fax: (956) 795-2127

E-mail: reads@ci.laredo.tx.us


Roberto Murillo, P.E., PTOE

Assistant Traffic Director

Email:  rmurillo@ci.laredo.tx.us


Guadalupe Tays Reyes

Traffic Administration Manager

Email:  greyes@ci.laredo.tx.us



Manuel Benavides

Traffic Operations Manager

Email:  mbenavides@ci.laredo.tx.us

Traffic Signals

The City department division is responsible for maintaining and servicing 250 traffic signal intersections throughout the city.

- Pedro Paredes, Traffic Signal Supervisor - pparedes@ci.laredo.tx.us.

Traffic Signs/Markings

The signs/pavement section is responsible for maintaining and servicing an estimated 36,648 traffic signs and 1.5 million linear feet of pavement markings.

- Jesus Cavazos, Traffic Signs/Markings Supervisor - jcavazos@ci.laredo.tx.us.

Engineering Division:

•Implement traffic signs, traffic signals, and pavement marking improvements throughout the City to minimize accident potential.

•Reduce intersection delays at signalized intersections through implementation of improved signal timing.

•Responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance design of traffic signals, pavement markings and signage in the City of Laredo.

•Improve travel time and promote safe mobility through the City of Laredo.

- Robert Peña, EIT, Engineering Superintendent - rpena@ci.laredo.tx.us

- Sinai Castro,  EIT, Engineering Associate II - scastro@ci.laredo.tx.us

- Alec James Martinez, Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator - amartinez2@ci.laredo.tx.us



5512 Thomas Ave.
Laredo, Texas 78041
Phone:  (956) 795-2550

Fax:  (956) 795-2127

Email:  reads@ci.laredo.tx.us




City of Laredo