Vital Statistics

Hector F. Gonzalez, MD, MPH, Local Registrar

M. Blandina Gamez-Haught, Associate Director, Vital Statistics Program

Marlene Riojas Luna, Certified Master Registrar, Deputy Registrar (Supervisor)

Maria G. Garcia, Clerk II (New Birth Verifications) 

Cristina Y. Salazar, Clerk II (Team Lead Mail Requests) 

The Laredo Vital Statistics office hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. All Birth and Death records requested by 4:30 p.m. are issued the same day.
New fees effective November 3, 2012

Birth Search and Certificate      $ 23.00

Death Search and First Death Certificate;      $ 21.00

Each Additional Copy of the Same Death Record(ordered at the same time)      $ 4.00

Frequently Asked Questions
Downloadable Forms
Laredo Vital Statistics Office

2600 Cedar Avenue
Laredo, Texas 78044
Telephone (956) 795-4929
Fax (956) 795-2025

Requirements to obtain a Birth or Death Certificate

Birth certificates for births within the past 75 years and death certificates for deaths within the past 25 years are considered protected and access is restricted to qualified applicants. Valid photo identification is required to prove your identity as a qualified applicant.

Qualified applicant
  • Self/Registrant (person on record)
  • An immediate family member (parents – name of parent must be listed on birth record; grandparents - birth certificate of one of the parents will be required to prove relationship; siblings – birth certificate will be required to prove relationship)
  • Spouse (a marriage license will be required)
  • Legal Guardian (copy of the legal guardianship papers, ie. court order is required)
  • Legal Representative (document establishing legal interest required)
Current and Valid Primary Identification is required (must contain the applicant’s name and photograph that establishes the applicant’s identity):
  • US Government issued Driver’s License
  • US Government issued Identification Card
  • Federal, State or City law enforcement employment ID card or employment badge accompanied by employment ID card
  • Offender Identification card issued by the Department of Criminal Justice correctional facility or institution
  • US Military Identification card
  • United States Passport
  • US Department of State issued Border Crossing card (Passport Card)
  • US Department of State issued Visa
  • Concealed Handgun License
  • Department of Homeland Security, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services issued
    • Permanent Resident Card or Resident Alien Card
    • Employment Authorization Documentation (EAD)
    • SENTRI Card
    • Citizen Identification Card

Secondary and supporting documentation may be accepted if a primary identification is not available. For acceptable secondary and supporting documentation please contact our office at (956) 795-4929.

Processing fee of $5.00 is required for each certified copy of birth or death record requested by Mail.
Apply by mail (Available for out-of-town requests Only)
  • Please Print. Include a copy of your Valid Photo Identification and Notarized Proof of Identification form. Mail Request (January 2017) link (Español)
  • Submit a legible and clear photo copy of the qualified applicant’s current/ valid primary identification (color copy preferred). Secondary and supporting documents will not be accepted for mail-in requests.
  • Include payment. Acceptable payment methods are by money order or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). To pay by credit card you must include a completed Credit Card Authorization form. 2015 Revised Credit Card Authorization Form link
      Payment will need to include cost of certified copy($23.00 each), certified mail cost ($7.25), and processing fee ($5.00)
  • Applications without signature of applicant, photo identification, Notarized Proof of Identification or incorrect payment amount will not be processed.

Effective September 1, 2015 - Senate Bill 200, Article 5 amended Section 191.0031 of the Texas Health and Safety Code (HSC) to state that the state registrar or a local registrar may not issue a certified copy of a record to a person who has applied for the record by mail unless the person has provided notarized proof of identity. In accordance with HSC §191.0031, City of Laredo Vital Statistics Mail-In Request form has been amended to require applicants provide a notarized proof of identity.

Mail original Application, Photo Identification and Payment to:

City of Laredo Health Department
Vital Statistics Office
Attn: Cristina Y. Salazar
P.O. Box 2337
Laredo, Texas 78044-2337

Estimated processing time for mail-in requests is two business days from date of receipt.

Optional: Include a self addressed stamped envelope or overnight mail envelope, and the certified mail cost will be waived.

Apply on-line

For Texas vital records (birth and death certificates) you may apply at, the eGovernment site for the State of Texas. The estimated processing time is 10-15 business days.  A U.S. government issued current and valid identification is required.

Out of State Birth or Death Records

For information and where to apply for Vital records within the United States, please visit the National Center for Health Statistics website at

Amendment to a Birth or Death Certificate

Application to Amend Certificate of Birth Amend Cert of Birth application signed by both parents in the presence of a notary public with one of the following documents:

  • Certified copy of a marriage license between the mother and the biological father
  • Properly completed State of Texas
  • Certified copy of a court decree establishing parentage between the child and the biological father

Application to Amend Death Certificate Amend Death Cert application

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