Monthly Building Permit Reports

Our department maintains reports for the last 10 years of building permits issued. We use these permits for statistical analysis, trend analysis and growth analysis. We provide a monthly reports of most permits. We also provide a listing of each permit issued for certain categories. Feel free to review permits and reports.

Permit Reports

Permit Listings

Other information

Permit Reports are a comparison of all permits issued vs the same month last year. These reports also include charts and graphs showing yearly totals. When the year is complete, we also provide an Annual Report.

The listings we provide are for single family residential constructions (101), commercial permits, and new business applications. Commercial permits include all permits for commercial projects, including plumbing, mechanical, and electrical permits.

Some permit types have been added or modified over the years, this may lead to discrepancies when comparing to past years. Permit  Valuation is information dependent on square footage and construction type of a project.

Reports are compiled and maintained by Blanca E. Sanchez.  For more information, questions or comments, please call 956.794.1641.