Laredo's Early Cemeteries


Laredo's first camposanto was located at San Agustin Church during the Spanish period. Early burials have been located in front of today's San Agustin Church (circa 1866-1872). A recent archaeological excavation revealed more than 90 burials inside the second church (constructed in 1778) foundation perimeter in 1997-1998. It is believed that one of the burials is Laredo's founder Don Tomás Sánchez. Two burials found in the altar area are possibly the two original priests of San Agustin Church. According to church records, citizens paid to be buried inside the sanctuary.

In 1849, a new cemetery which measured 60 square varas was laid out seventy five paces north of the town. This new cemetery was surrounded by a stone fence and had a water reservoir (possibly located at the present St. Peter's Church yard). Twenty seven years later in 1876, Father M. Souchon, blessed another cemetery, bounded by Scott, Moctezurna, San Francisco, and San Eduardo (the present Boy's Club site), which became known as the Mexican Catholic Cemetery. (Wright)