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Federal Legislative Agenda 2017


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Funding Support for New Maintenance and Operations Facility

Situation Assessment

The City of Laredo and El Metro Transit System are requesting funding for the construction of a new Bus Maintenance, Operations and Administration facility to meet the growing needs of public transportation for the City of Laredo.



A new Maintenance and Operations facility will house buses, paratransit vans, fueling station (CNG, diesel, and unleaded), operations, maintenance, and administration for the transit system and will also allow for the growth of the transit system.

The City of Laredo’s transit system affords a critical service for the community by providing 3.3 million passenger trips annually. Currently the transit system is comprised of 49 heavy duty buses, 18 paratransit vans and support vehicles, and has outgrown the present operations and maintenance facility located in the central part of the city. It is anticipated that the future growth of the transit system will require a transit fleet comprised of approximately 100 buses, 40 vans and support vehicles. The current facility which is located in a residential neighborhood will be replaced with a new operations and maintenance center which is located in an area zoned for this type of activity as the proposed site has been acquired and platted on 23 acres in close proximity to the city’s airport.



The City of Laredo has acquired the necessary land and has completed the design with a contracted engineering firm for the new facility. Since the estimated total cost for completion of the project is over $35 million, additional Federal funds are required to begin construction and complete this much needed facility for the City of Laredo. The City of Laredo is asking for Congressional support for our competitive application of $35 million to complete this project.


Target Agency

Federal Transit Administration



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