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Federal Legislative Agenda 2017

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HUD Entitlement Programs CDBG & HOME Funding

Situation Assessment

Both the Community Development Block Grant and the HOME Investment Partnerships Program Grant have faced cuts in funding over the last several years. The City of Laredo cannot overstress the importance of funding both CDBG and HOME at increased funding levels. A continued reduction of funds would have a devastating effect on the low to moderate-income citizens of this community and throughout the nation.



Since 1975, the City of Laredo, Texas has received Community Development Block Grant Funds which have been directed towards activities that benefit low to moderate-income persons. In addition, these funds have been utilized to finance infrastructure improvements, water/sewer/drainage improvements, sidewalks, rehabilitation of the City’s older housing stock, the construction and enhancement of recreational parks/facilities, construction of police substations, code enforcement activities and graffiti removal, demolition of substandard units, and for the provision of public services.


Despite these improvements, the City remains in dire need of funding in order to continue to assist its impoverished community residents. The U.S. Census 2015 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates indicated that the median income for households in the City of Laredo was $40,660 as compared to $55,653 for the State of Texas, and $55,775 for the nation. The Community Survey also indicated that 30.7% of Laredo’s families live below the poverty levels compared to 15.9% in the State, and 14.7% nationwide.


In turn, the City’s HOME program funds have been directed towards homeownership assistance, construction of rental units, and provision of tenant based rental assistance. The creation of affordable housing is crucial to the low and moderate income residents in the community. This is especially true of struggling families who have lost their homes to foreclosure. There are simply not enough safe, decent, and affordable homes available for this population.



The Community Development Block Grant Program and the HOME Program must continue at their present or at increased levels of funding, thereby allowing cities to continue to provide much needed help to their communities. We are requesting that legislators vote against any proposed cuts in CDBG and HOME funds.


Target Agency

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development



Arturo Garcia

Community Development Director

P.O. Box 1276

Laredo, TX 78042