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Federal Legislative Agenda 2017

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HUD / Veterans Affairs HUD-VASH

Situation Assessment

The City of Laredo is in need of additional HUD-VASH vouchers to assist homeless veterans in the community.    The most recent Point-In-Time which was conducted on January 21, 2016 identified having approximately 107 veterans experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless in a 1 year period.  The City of Laredo currently receives twenty-two (22) vouchers.



Just as homelessness is a significant national problem; we have seen the growing need in Laredo among our Veteran population.  There is a need for more Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) in our area to aid our community to end Veteran homelessness.  The City of Laredo has made it a priority to end Veteran homelessness, and works in partnership with the VA and HUD in our Nation’s mission to end Veteran Homelessness.


The Laredo Housing Authority received 22 Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) which are designated for the HUD-VASH program.  Currently all 22 HCV are in use, and have provided safe, permanent housing  for 22 homeless Veterans while addressing significant issues such as mental health concerns, substance abuse, physical disability and social disconnection.



Provide additional HUD-VASH vouchers to address the need for housing assistance for homeless veterans identified in the Point-In-Time count.


Target Agency

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development/ Department of Veterans Affairs



Arturo Garcia

Community Development Director

P.O. Box 1276

Laredo, TX 78042