The Honorable

Pete Saenz



Hi, I am Pete Saenz, Mayor of the great City of Laredo, Texas!


I am proud to represent a community that has been getting a lot of attention lately.  We are at the crossroads of many pressing topics for our new administration. Issues that may sound familiar including NAFTA, immigration and border security.  You will find Laredo‚Äôs viewpoint on all these important issues contained in this agenda.


This community has a long-standing tradition of creating bi-lateral connections, bridging two cities, two cultures and two nations.  I can assure you that we will remain true to this character.


I invite you to get to know Laredo a little better.  You will get a glimpse of who we are through the issues presented in our Federal Legislative agenda; and if you desire an even closer look, I welcome you to visit this community on the edge of two great nations in south Texas.


Que viva Laredo!

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Federal Legislative Agenda 2017