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Federal Legislative Agenda 2017


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River Road Along the Rio Grande

Situation Assessment

Much illegal crossing activity appears to occur along the riverbanks (“vega”) of the Rio Grande within the corporate boundary of the City of Laredo.  The thick vegetation that is typical of the river bank area interferes with law enforcements ability to patrol and monitor the river bank, which impedes quick response to problem areas as well as makes it increasingly dangerous for law enforcement personnel.


Proposed Solution

Construction of a river road in the “vega” next to the Rio Grande would promote a secure border.  The ability of Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies to patrol and interdict both illegal immigration and drug activity along the river is enhanced by direct access and monitoring of activity along the banks of the Rio Grande.  The City of Laredo owns much of the vega land and could partner with federal agencies to work on a river road that would provide this direct access to the river banks.



Target Agency

Homeland Security - Customs and Border Protection



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