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Federal Legislative Agenda 2017


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Widen I-35

Situation Assessment

I-35 is a vital segment of the national freight system. Commercial truck traffic from Laredo’s bridges rely on this roadway to move freight to distribution centers in Texas and throughout the United States. The 150 mile stretch of this highway from Laredo to San Antonio has seen little in recent years in substantive improvement. Other than the Texas Freight Mobility Plan’s

recognition that the “I-35 corridor from Laredo to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex serve as major distribution locations” no capacity enhancements have been made.


The Freight Mobility Plan predicts the highest increase in truck volumes are projected to be on I- 35, I-10, I-45, and I-40. The Plan states that “Increased congestion, truck tonnage, daily truck trips, and truck VMT on the Texas highway network; coupled with population growth and other factors, will significantly constrain the efficient movement of freight and people throughout the state.


In 2014, over 19 percent of interstate centerline miles were considered deficient, by 2040 that number will grow to over 45 percent. Large stretches of interstate corridors are predicted to have unacceptable Levels of Service (LOS) in 2040, including: I-35 from Laredo to Dallas-Fort Worth, I-45 from Houston to Dallas, I-10 from Houston to San Antonio, I-20 in Fort Worth to US 84 in Abilene, I-10 from I-20 to El Paso and US 59 from I-20 to Houston.”


Truck traffic on the Laredo –San Antonio segment of I-35 has continued to increase and on any given day sections of this four lane divided highway are subject to being shut down for hours, leading to truck and vehicular traffic coming to a standstill for hours.



The City of Laredo strongly urges the State and Federal Governments begin the process of providing for the widening of I-35 to a six (6) lane divided highway to enhance safety and increase efficiency and improve the highway’s level of service.


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Federal Highway Administration



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