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There were a total of 219 overdose (OD) deaths in Laredo, Texas.  Opioids were responsible for 156 of those deaths.

  • 2 were infants (A baby under a year and a 6 year old)
  • 7 were younger than 19 years of age
  • Most overdose cases involved heroin or cocaine (some on both, which are antagonists), and prescribed medications.
  • Over a dozen children were born with addiction
  • Ages ranged from children younger than 1 year of age to 66 years
  • Need local detox, rehab, and enhanced treatment and medical professionals to use methadone on the spot

2017 (43 deaths)

  • 7 Infants were born positive for heroin
  • 25 Children were affected and placed in foster care
  • 12 Adults were sent to drug court, 10 due to heroin
  • Easy access to heroin and prescribed opioids

Burden to Laredo Police Dept. and Health Care in 2018

  •   122   Number of OD calls received
  •    74   Drug raids
  • 1073   Arrests for possession of controlled substances


SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)  -


NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse)  -


NIDA (En español)  -


CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention): Opioid Overdose  -


CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention): Alcohol and Public Health  - Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders  -

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Mission Statement

-  By motion on September 2, 2008


-  Additional Members:  Motion to add five additional   
    members to the Drug & Alcohol Commission made up

    of the Webb County Judge was approved on Tuesday,

    February 19, 2019; meeting M2019-R-03

To create awareness policies and services that will serve youth, adults and families in need of alcohol

and drug abuse prevention.



Richard A. Chamberlain, Health Director

Erika Martinez - Administrative Assistant II

Claudio Treviño - Police Chief

Manuel Maciel - Assistant Chief of Police

City of Laredo Appointees

Coleen Rodriguez

Steven Gutierrez

Briana R. Saenz

Gerardo Montemayor


Elsa Rodriguez Arguindegui

Jose Gonzalez

Paul Thomson


Mayor Dr. Victor D. Treviño

Cm. Gilbert Gonzalez - District 1

Cm. Daisy Campos Rodriguez - District 2

Cm. Melissa Cigarroa - District 3

Cm. Alberto Torres, Jr. - District 4

Cm. Ruben Gutierrez - District 5

Cm. Dr. David Tyler King - District 6

Cm. Vanessa Perez - District 7

Cm. Alyssa Cigarroa - District 8

Webb County Appointees

Marah Mendez

Jesse Hernandez

Nancy Cadena

J. J. Rendon

Margarita D. Herrera-Garza

Webb County Judge Tano Tijerina

Commissioner Jesse Gonzalez Pct. 1

Commissioner Rosaura "Wawi" Tijerina Pct. 2

Commissioner John C. Galo Pct. 3

Commissioner Cindy Liendo Pct. 4

Our Work  |


-  Every 1st Wednesday of the Month

-  Meetings begin at 5:30 pm

-  City of Laredo Health Dept.
    Auditorium - 2nd Floor. by Administration


Agendas     |     Meeting Videos

Work Groups

All groups with stake holders, providers, city and county officials and consumers to promote awareness, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services.

-  Detox / Transitional Support

-  Education / Prevention / Outreach

-  Intervention / Treatment / Rehabilitation

-  Transition / Aftercare


-  Updated Resource Directory for Substance Use


-  Working on Detoxification and Triage Facility

-  Provide educational awareness for drug and alcohol


-  Met with City and County officials to request opening a

    detox triage center in Laredo

-  Developed a standing coalition of providers to advocate

    for substance use awareness

-  Press Conference to promote awareness

-  Public Service Announcement on prevention

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Phone:  (956) 795-4923


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