The Laredo Water Museum —one of only three water museums in Texas and one of a handful in the country—is a tourist and cultural destination for the region to learn about the significance of the Rio Grande River as the region’s primary water source. The museum seeks to inform, educate, and engage a generation to respect and protect one of our most precious resources and encourage future water stewardship. Visitors will learn about how water from the Rio Grande River flows through cleaning stages and is distributed for use to city residents, and about the rich ecology of the river and the history of the communities that settled alongside its riverbanks. The layout of the museum space takes visitors on a journey that begins much like the water that flows to their taps. Visitors begin upriver on the Rio Grande, and walk through a giant pipe showing the stages that the river water undergoes in treatment and cleaning so that it can be readied for city-wide distribution. From there, visitors follow a network of overhead pipelines emulating the water distribution system to arrive at the main exhibit hall. There, visitors explore how water is channeled through faucet taps, bathroom toilets and showers, and other household appliances while learning tips on daily water conservation. The exhibits then trace the water’s journey from storm and sewer drains, flowing back to the Rio Grande River where it feeds into the Gulf of Mexico.


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